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Air became an international taekwondo instructor

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Air became an international taekwondo instructor

Sunakhari News/ Kathmandu – Nepali athlete and master instructor Laxman Bahadur Air has successfully participated in the “2021 Global Taekwondo Master Training Program” held on 04 to 26 October 2021 in Kukkiwan, Korea.


Mr. Air has passed the prescribed examination of the course and obtained the certificate of “Third Class International Taekwondo Master Course”. He also completed the “10th World Mercury Taekwondo Online International Instructor Certification Course [Level 1]” from Kukkiwon, Korea. He has now become an international master coach in both disciplines of the sport of Taekwondo.

Mr. Air became the first Nepali coach and athlete to participate in an international competition after the government of Nepal suspended sports activities due to the corona virus epidemic. Since then, Mr. Air and his team have won dozens of national/international medals for our nation.

Mr. Air, a fifth degree black belt holder, was recommended by the Government of Nepal for the Strong Public Servant Athlete Award 2021 in recognition of his significant contribution to the expansion and development of the sport of Taekwondo. The medal will be awarded by the Honorable President in the year 2022.