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26 year old girl, young modern monk but a Principal of the school

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26 year old girl, young modern monk but a Principal of the school

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26 years old girl Arati Basnet is now principal of a Montessori School Little Kingdom Child Development Center which is located in Naxal, Tangal. She is a professional Energy Healer and Author of her debut book “Red blood blue blood and the royal heart.” Which is a true story of Royal Family of Nepal, based on her own spritual journey and tribute book to Princess Prekshya of Nepal. Brief interview with her:



What makes you take up educational work? For how many years have you been teaching? Have you worked on other jobs besides?

I took up this educational work or chose this profession When I just finished my SLC exams, my all friends went to join some course but I wanted to do something else , learn through working so, I joined a school in patan named Herald International Boarding School as a grade teacher and started to teach Children and later I joined Little Kingdom as a Montessori Teacher. Their eagerness and persistence in learning and their respect for teachers deeply touched me and inspired my enthusiasm in education. I have worked in different professions as well like Himani trust and Xinhua news agency Nepal.



What do you think is the role of the principal in a school?

As a principal, I can fulfill my educational ideals and aspirations to the benefit of students of the whole school. I strongly believe that nurturing the next generation is the adults, responsibility. After becoming Principal, I can implement various policies and programmed to broaden their horizons, consolidate their skills and improve their attitude towards learning.

Why did join little Kingdom and how is the school?

I have already worked with the school as a teacher in past so when they were searching for a new principal and I intended to apply for the post. I think our Montessori School is 1 of the best pre school, we held the school in high esteem, unpretentious school, its students being industrious and aspiring, with good language ability. We also performed well in extracurricular activities. Meanwhile the teachers were dedicated, always willing to sacrifice their time and effort to give extra guidance to students. They are ready to help students not only in their studies but also in their family or emotional problems.



What is the school mission under your leadership?

My goals as Principal coincide with our school’s original mission and goals, which emphasize “Respect, Humility, Progress, Sensitivity” I hope that students can have self-respect and respect for others, learn with modesty, progress with the times to enhance themselves, be active and responsive in doing things and fulfill their proper duties.

What expectations do you have for yourself, your teachers and students? My motto is: “Treat people with generosity and handle matters with strictness”. I always think that in getting along with others, we have to learn to be understanding and considerate and put ourselves in others’ shoes. Only in this way can people have close cooperation with one another. In handling matters, we have to be serious before things can be done flawlessly. Unfortunately, young people nowadays are often generous to themselves and harsh to others, and this is surely something to avoid. That is why I expect myself, our teachers and students to understand the necessity to be frank, sincere and modest with others, and spare no effort in doing things. As for extracurricular activities, I know our students have long been doing very well such as in story telling, singing, recitation,dancing singing, yoga, meditation, arts etc. They often have distinguished results in competitions and the school diversify such activities so as to broaden the students’ horizon and experience and to benefit a greater number of students. The development of a school lies in the advancement of its students’ academic work, extracurricular activities and moral character. I believe they have to be good human 1st to be good citizen or to be good in any other profession.

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