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Ncell hands over Ncell Scholarships and Excellence Awards 2020 to IoE students

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Ncell hands over Ncell Scholarships and Excellence Awards 2020 to IoE students

Sunakhari News/ Kathmandu – Ncell Private Limited has handed over cash prize of Ncell Scholarships and Excellence Awards 2020 to the Institute of Engineering (IoE), Pulchowk Campus. Ncell under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative has been conferring the scholarships and excellence awards to outstanding students of five faculties studying in IoE, Pulchowk Campus.

Since the educational institutions are closed due to COVID-19 and organising a formal programme to hand over the scholarships and excellence awards was not possible, the company has handed over the cheque worth NPR 2.4 million for this year’s scholarships and awards IoE, Pulchowk Campus. The cheque was handed over to Prof. Dr. Laxman Poudel, Campus Chief of Pulchowk Campus by Ncell representatives.

“Ncell Scholarships and Excellence Awards has been a huge motivating factor for our students. We are always thankful to Ncell for this initiative that acknowledges hardworking and outstanding students,” said Prof. Dr. Poudel. “Since formal ceremony for handing over of the scholarships and excellence awards was not possible this year, we will soon release the cash prizes to the concerned students.”

In line with the agreement signed with Ncell, Pulchowk Campus will release Rs 100,000 each to 18 topper students of BE Electrical, Electronics and Communication, Computer, Civil and Mechanical engineering as scholarship. Similarly, 6 students who graduated from these five faculties securing the highest marks will receive Rs 100,000 cash prize as Ncell Excellence Awards. The Ncell Scholarships and Excellence Awards programme instituted at IoE, Pulchowk in 2014 aims to encourage technical education and recognises young talents who have demonstrated academic excellence.

Regarding this longstanding collaboration with IoE, Pulchowk Campus for the Ncell Scholarships and Excellence Awards, Andy Chong, CEO of Ncell shared his excitement, “We are delighted to acknowledge our partner, IoE, Pulchowk Campus, distinguished professors, and congratulate the wining students. CSR is an inseparable part of our business. We are happy to give continuity to this program until 2023 and promote the intelligent pool of young talents in the field of engineering in Nepal. Education is one of our top priority sectors under our CSR initiatives. We will continue to remain a stalwart supporter of these social projects with special focus on education sector.”

Last year, Ncell had signed an agreement with IoE, Puchowk to continue this programme for providing scholarships and excellence awards worth Rs. 13 million to top-scoring students for five years (2019-2023). In this five years programme, 90 students will be awarded scholarships and 30 students will be honoured with the excellence awards based on their academic results.

Previously, under this programme during 2014-2018, Ncell had provided scholarships and excellence awards of Rs. 8 million that included Ncell Scholarships to 60 outstanding students and Ncell Excellence Awards to 20 students.

Ncell Scholarships are provided based on annual scores of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year and students receive it for studying in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year, respectively in the five faculties. The scholarship receivers include 3 toppers of 1st year, 2nd year, and 3rd year from and 3 female toppers from 1st year, 2nd year, and 3rd year among all female students of these five faculties.

Ncell Excellence Awards, on the other hand, are given to the students graduating with top scores from each of these five faculties and also to a female student graduating with top scores among all female students of the five faculties. Both scholarships and excellence awards are worth Rs. 100,000 each.

Following are the meritorious scholarships and excellence awards recipients for this year:

1st Year Toppers (2075)
Mr. Dipak Dhakal (Civil Engineering)
Mr. Bibek Khanal (Electrical Engineering)
Mr. Prashant Shrestha (Electronics Communication and Information Engineering)
Mr. Aayush Shah Kanu (Computer Engineering)
Mr. Bibish Chaulagain (Mechanical Engineering)
Ms. Supriya Khadka (Computer Engineering)

2nd Year Toppers (2074)
Mr. Aarosh Dahal (Civil Engineering)
Mr. Abinash Man Karmacharya (Electrical Engineering)
Mr. Sushil Raj Regmi (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
Mr. Madhav Aryal (Computer Engineering)
Mr. Samundra Karki (Mechanical Engineering)
Ms. Mahima Koirala (Civil Engineering)

3rd Year Toppers (2073)
Mr. Shubham Sharma Gyawali (Civil Engineering)
Mr. Shishir Lamichhane (Electrical Engineering)
Mr. Nishesh Awale (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
Mr. Anusandhan Pokhrel (Computer Engineering)
Mr. Chetan Dahal (Mechanical Engineering)
Ms. Sampada Dhakal (Electronics and Communication Engineering)

Ncell Excellence Awards winners:
Mr. Arbind Kumar Gupta (Civil Engineering)
Mr. Suman Poudel (Electrical Engineering)
Mr. Kaushal Raj Mishra (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
Mr. Saramsha Dotel (Computer Engineering)
Mr. Sulav Parajuli (Mechanical Engineering)
Ms. Aditi Gajurel (Electrical)